Medical Suites
SQM - 800SQM

Typical 700sqm Floorplate
Medical Suites 700SQM
Adaptive floorplates from 700 - 800sqm are easily split into smaller tenancies with a common lift well. This also allows connectivity for larger tenants spreading their business over multiple levels.
Enhance your competitive advantage, productivity and efficiency.
Spend less time travelling between your consultancy and Queensland’s premire hospitals.
Tenant fitout concept’s provided by leading interior design firm Arkhefield.

Day surgery,
Levels 3-4

(potential layout)
Day Surgery, Levels 3-4

Medical Suites,
Levels 5-9

(potential layout)
Medical Suites, Levels 5-9

Premium grade medical space now leasing and scheduled to open February 2023.

For further information contact:

Tony Martin
Development Manager
0402 605 577

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